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I have not go one order

Please Help,
What can i do?
I have not go one order.

I just looked at your profile. Your starting price is quite expensive. Have you considered lowering it?

And post more gigs! Post as many as you can!


The more gigs you have the easier it is to be seen.

Also has it has been said your starting price is too high for a new seller. You need to make a few sales to get some reviews first.

I would suggest you to create more plans on same gig and offer a service for only $5 and then the others with prices you think is fair for your work. This will help you to be seen for buyers.

Hope this suggestions might help you. :slight_smile:


I am not sure, I had not much work and I desided to increase from $5.00 - $25.00 to $20.00 - $60.00. I got even more orders! See! Buyers like to see high prices!

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I’m sorry I know this is not going to sound nice, but if I was a buyer, I will not
order from you. Your profile description makes no sense, it doesn’t tell people who you are clearly, and I see many mistakes in the gig description.
You should ask someone to edit your description.
Descriptions with mistakes tend to scare away potential buyers because they think they will have communication problems, it also shows that you didn’t bother hiring someone to proofread your description which makes you come across as unprofessional.

Also it’s not that you need to lower your price, but for someone with no reviews, I think your price setting is a rather bold move.


Could be wrong but have you used a spinner on your description?

I literally have no idea what any of it means or what you’re offering, and believe me I’m usually really patient. :wink:

Example - what does this mean please?
#100% legitimate and White Hat system.

#No candid.

#Standard Maintain after get rank.

#Organic Search comes to fruition.

Perhaps nobody can understand what you’re offering?


Me too! I also can’t understand what she is offering.

I saw that in her description “100% positive feedback”??? No reviews! And no one ordered!

Description should be fair or no one will buy. (my mention)


Please explain price

I think it’s conditional though. When you have zero reviews under your belt, increasing your price might not be the best idea. I don’t see anything wrong with offering stuff a bit cheaper early on as long as you raise your prices eventually.

@nesa5644 Your prices are too high for a beginner. Instead of offering a whole package within one gig, I would try to offer a taste of your services–aka a smaller amount of work for a lower price.


I don’t understand what you are selling. What I do understand, at least, is that you aren’t selling candy.

The Gig’s description isn’t legible. Not only that (and I could chalk this up to a lack of knowledge), I’m not entirely clear on what you’re selling to begin with. ‘Walmart sales promotion?’ What do your PDF photos signify, if anything? Who are what is ‘BI Intelligence?’ Are these your photos?

I have no idea what is going on…

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Now that wouldn’t be a first. But, WOW using a spinner for descriptions is bad, bad all bad. :grimacing:

#No candid.

Maybe OP is referring to Candid :camera_flash: Camera? :smile:


start paid or free marketing for your gigs

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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: omg


In addition to what everyone else has noted, you say in your profile, “I think I am good man… because I am honest and love honest people.” However, your profile image is of a young girl? :thinking: There is a rumor that buyers will place an order for gigs that have beautiful girls or women as the profile image. That is not true! When buyers see an image that they discover is not the image of the seller they do not trust the seller to be truthful. A good logo is fine, and a picture or drawing of your self is good. So my advice is to change your profile picture. :wink:


Very interesting. :thinking:

I did a reverse google image search. smh

@nesa5644, it’s very misleading when you’re portraying to be something you’re not. If you’re a male then be a man, :muscle: what’s the point in using a female pic? Oh, I get it to entice Buyers to order from you. Gosh, just be yourself, use a caricature, chibi, logo or something.


With apologies I wouldn’t want to hire someone with poor English language skills to do my SEO. I would rather expect the SEO expert to edit or correct my English language content and make it more crisp, attractive and user friendly. So you need to work on that area first. Thanks and best of luck :slight_smile:


This is my real pic.

You’re very popular on wallpaper sites then under ‘Nice Girl Picture’. Maybe you should ask them for royalties?


Then why does your profile say this:

I just looked at your profile. I see you have a new gig for writing “Writing Walmart Unverified Reviews.” If you had read the Terms of Service :arrow_right: you would know that is a no-no! So you do not have to worry about getting orders on that gig because I think it will soon be removed. :thinking:


smh OP would’ve earned brownie points if this was said, “OK, I’ll change the pic” or something. But to continue to tell :shushing_face: tall tales is just too much. There could be potential Buyers reading this thread.