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I have not go one order

This is the thread for good laughing.

*making :popcorn:


That sounds good! I think I will make some :popcorn: and drink something :cup_with_straw: while I wait for OP’s explanation.

@nesa5644 Everyone that has commented has done so to help you get your first order. If you follow the advice, you will have better :four_leaf_clover: luck getting orders.

To Summarize:


You have to send fair proposal to buyer request.

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Wonder if someone can help me. I joined Fiverr a couple of days ago and I since I’m new to the whole concept of Gigs, can someone have a look at what I’ve done so far and give me some constructive criticism? --I’ve worked for other freelancer sites but for most of them I just send a proposal per project, so I’m not sure if I’ve made my packages clear enough?-

Any comments or advice on how to land my first job is welcome :slight_smile:


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Welcome to Fiverr and the Fiverr Forum. :bouquet: :slightly_smiling_face: If you want answers to your question, you need to start your own thread.
From Forum Dos and Don’ts:
“Post replies asking for personalized help are generally discouraged since it is much better for users to post their requests for help in Improve my Gig.”


My bad. I haven’t read the forum rules. I’ll have a look at them now :slight_smile: Thanks for clarifying!