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I have not got an order since I joined

Hello friends, I have been working hard on this website for more than 1 year but nothing is happening also I am not getting an order
Please help me



I got my first job after 6 month. You will get a job very soon.

You need to find a market
Promote your gig on social media networks

Alright… what kind of “working hard” have you been doing in the past year? What goals have you set for your business, what have you been doing to try and reach those goals?


First of all you REALLY need to hire someone to edit your description.
“Hello You
i am a professional graphics designer and animator”

That is enough for most buyers to walk away.

For your black/white photo gig, I see you are using an image with the
TRS badge on it, and I’m sorry, you don’t have the badge and again
buyers can see that too.

If you want sales, you need to be professional and honest.