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I have not gotten any order for several weeks, please help! 😭 😭 😭

Hey Guys!

I have good gigs and gig packages, and I offer great services to clients, but my challenge is that I have not gotten an order for several weeks now, even though I bid for jobs through the “buyers request”.

What do you think the problem may be?

Please help a brother, check and scrutinize my gigs.

  1. Transcription:

  2. Background Removal:

I will really appreciate your contributions.


Every day send 10 buyer request


It was very quiet with my gigs for the last few weeks as well. I plan to start promoting outside fiverr. Maybe it is the next step.

Also there is a lot of advice in the tips for seller section of this forum. WE should spend some time reading them.

Hello Joni!

How are you doing?

I actually see few buyers request and I bid for the ones I get lucky seeing.

Funny enough, I don’t get a feedback from clients.

Hello Buddy!

I think I will do gig promotion to boost my gigs and get better exposure to potential clients while driving traffic to fiverr, and my gigs as well.

Thanks for your input.

I appreciate you! :handshake:

Hey charlesxpert,
Nothing to be worried about dear. It happend may be sometime it take lots of time to get a single response from buyers :slight_smile: and sometime it may take weeks to get some. So nothing to worry just keep yourself engage in community and keep wathich other gigs you will definately find some
Good Luck!

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Thanks Ahmad!

This is elating! :hugs:

Transcription and removing backgrounds from photos are pretty highly saturated categories - you have a ton of competition.

First, is there that much of a need for these services? Secondly, if there is an overwhelming need, what have you done to make your Gig the most attractive to prospective buyers?

I think your problem is, there are new people signing up daily in those categories, so, it is hard to get traction and stand out.



Hello GeeGee! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m thrilled by your review of my gigs and services in general.

You are absolutely correct and I will spring into action, following your advise and contribution in regards to this topic.

Thank you so much!

Mmm-muah! :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:

This may be helpful to you: How To Get More Orders From Buyer Requests! .... Simple Tip!

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Every day will send buyer request different type of write .

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