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I have not gotten any order

I am waiting for orders

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You don’t have any gigs on display so you will never get orders.

Check out: for how to start selling on Fiverr.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have gig in display one gig I don’t understand

****** Take Action! Click here to check your Gig status. ******

The above is from the Help Centre.

Everyone is having same issue, Fiverr has become small pound with Lot of fishes…

In other words it Means guys are having 100 of Fiverr Accounts…

They have set up big Fishing Traps… that buy luck we get customer 1 out of :100:

Keep patience @tojah4u one day you will get order.

Please don’t make assumptions like this. You do not know that this is happening.

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