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I have not made it to fiverr's frontpage

I have been apart of Fiverr community for a little over a month and there is something I don’t understand. I have been been sharing my gigs on social media and trying to promote Fiverr to the rest of the world because I honestly do like it here but unfortunately I see new user’s profiles that Join since January 2016 profiles being promoted on the front pages of fiverr. Now I don’t see anything wrong with that frankly I’m happy for them because obviously they are doing something good that works but my main concern is, why haven’t any of my gigs been on the front pages? I don’t understand if anyone knows this reason I ask for a response from you please because I’d really like to talk about this.

Are you talking about the featured gigs on the front page when you first sign into Fiverr? This is a selection done by Fiverr only. Unfortunately we don’t have much influence on this. There are so many sellers who never got a featured gig including many TRS. I am sure oher sellers here will pitch in to give you their thoughts and ideas on this as well.

No, I’m talking about the search engine on fiverr, like if you type in transcriptions, testimonials or any other job description. The list of gigs that comes up first on those pages I’ve never seen my gigs there

That’s still very normal. There are so, so many gigs on Fiverr. I have rarely seen any of mine high on the page, but I still get messages and orders. When I’m doing Fiverr full-time I also pursue buyers through buyer requests and that makes a difference for me.

I’ve not seen a strong correlation between behind high in search results and my ability to get some sales. Being featured (like @annai80 was talking about) can boost sales, but that’s not something you have control over. Just keep delivering good orders, promoting yourself, working buyer requests and hang in there. You’ll be fine if your gigs are a good fit for this.

Well that sounds reasonable enough, thank you for that @fonthaunt and @annai80. I will just have to keep delivering great content and hope and pray things pick up a bit because I’ve already launched into Fiverr full time trying to pave my own way. :slight_smile: thanks for the advice

Its depends on your rating If you have 100% rating mostly of the Gigs appear at first in that category

Thank you for your input lulzpedia, greatly appreciated