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I Have not Received Buyer Request's Today


I Have not Received Buyer Request’s Today.
Anyone Help for me!



It’s Friday - they do funny things on Fridays! :slight_smile:


Fiverr does not guarantee that you will receive the Buyer Requests you want, nor any sales. If there are no BRs today, then you will have to check back again later… or wait until tomorrow.

I also encourage you to NOT rely upon Buyer Requests as your only source of sales. What happens if there are no new BRs for a week? Then you don’t have any sales potential for a week. Please think like a businessman. If you want success – if you want sales… go out and find them. Reach out (market and promote your gigs) to your target customers wherever they may be, and tell them about your services.

Buyer Request listings will not make you successful in the long term. Take responsibility for your own success – for your own sales. Don’t expect Fiverr to do it for you.


@jonbaas Thanks for advice