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I have not received orders yet.What's the reason?

I’m new to Fiverr.This is my first please mention weakness of my gig


Welcome to the forum.
The quality of your images look rather poor, and I THINK I see some
watermarks on those images? Other logos have strange lines around them like you
cropped them.
They don’t come cross as professionally done images I’m afraid.


As @zeus777 said, your gig comes across as a cheap copy and paste from a buyer’s perspective.
First, you don’t even have a profile picture or a description. Your description is just a copy and paste listing your packages.
Think with your client’s heads. Why would anyone choose a gig with no rating and poor quality images from a seller without a profile picture or description?
If you want any orders, you should really improve in these fields!



  1. Your profile picture ( Upload your own logo/picture to look more professionally ) Avoid using some random google picture.
  2. Profile descriptions ( Keep it simple and straight to the point+the spelling too )
  3. Make your own banner design ( Your own sample works+maybe you can add your username or social media logo so people can find you in other social media. )
  4. Be different on your gigs as in Fiverr there’s so many services for Graphic Design works. Maybe set some themes of what you can offer.
  5. Add some FAQ of what can, or what not. Don’t copy paste listing package.
  6. Your username, make it unique and easy to remember!
  7. Just KEEP making portfolio and promote your own gigs in other social media. Find some followers, post your best works in one page, so clients can see it. idk
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can you please have a look at my profile and suggest some improvements?

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