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I have objection on fiverr levels . 4.5 is excellent rating,clients give me 4.5 star, give me tips on that ,but we can't get a badge on 4.5.if we are making thousands of dollars per month,excellent avg selling price and completion rate,thats good enough

I know , they own the platform and have a right to set standards but we sellers also spent years on this platform and made it successful . Fiverr has everything that put pressure on sellers , they push us in there every policy .

4.8 rating can be must for top rated sellers but level one or level 2 sellers can have a 4.5 star rating that’s an excellent rating .And that’s the reason they beg for 5 star ratings from buyers as buyer don’t know the policies of fiverr and they rate us 4.5 star and give us tips with 4.5 star ratings as they know that’s an excellent and realistic rating.

Just a catchy one sentence heading is likely to lead to more replies.

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I kind of enjoy how half of the rant is in the title lol.