I Have One Gig To Creat But Am Not Too Sure of Making Sales


I know some readers will wonder why I chose this tittle. Some will ask is he trying to promote his gig here? etc.

But the answer is I have a gig which I know it would be great if I creates it but the problem are these:

  1. Am a Nigerian but people from other side of the world are afraid to deal with us.
  2. I have 1 negative feedback which have affected me.
  3. Am afraid that buyer will consider my price as too small for the three tasks in one gig so they will think it’s going to be a scam.
  4. My biggest challenge is that I won’t be happy if I created it and don’t make a sales and seeing another seller that’s selling the same thing and doing fine with it.

But what am very sure of is that whomever order will be glad to have done so because of the packages.
I’ve already done it with one buyer and he was very happy and gave me 5:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

The gig is in three packages that offer US number, US PayPal account and US call forwarding.
And it will go for just $15.

Please any suggestion will be appreciated