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I Have One Little Curiosity

If anyone open Fiverr account from his/her mobile and use that account both from his/her mobile and
laptop, and somehow from his/her mobile IP has been blocked by Fiverr, But his/her account accessible from his/her Laptop,

Will there be any chance of deactivating his account from Fiverr?

Though he/she followed and maintained every rules and regulation of Fiverr.

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If you only have that 1 account then you shouldn’t have to worry. You can access your account from multiple devices without any issues.

Edit to add:

That’s something customer support can check for you since you are probably using the app too?

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Thanks for your suggestions

Somehow, I understand that there’s a difference between phone ip reading and laptop reading by Fiverr. This means that the person’s account may not be deactivated. That’s just what I think.

no, fiverr knows, we have Android app I mean Android phone.