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I have open my account 3 months ago but no order yet

Please men help me I feel give up


Hi welcome to Fiverr. Research your gig, make tergeted people keyword and maintain other issue. I hope success very soon. :smiley:

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So I had a look at your Gigs, here is what I would change:
1- Your gig it too vague. You say you’ll write anything. So are you telling me I can ask you to write a 200 000 words novel and you’ll do it? Be more precise. Because now I can’t tell what I can hire you for.
2- The portfolio picture doesn’t seem to have anything to do with writing.
3- Your Gig description and your Bio are full of errors, that never looks good for someone who want to be hired as a writer. It also sound desperate, like you are just begging people for work. You need to sell yourself, describe what you can do and why I should hire you. Just telling buyers: “I will not let you to be worry i am sure I will make you happy” is not enough and poorly written.
4- Your packages descriptions are too vague. What do I get for the basic package? How many words will you write. Now you just say Basic 5$, Standard 10$… It doesn’t tell me what the difference are between those two packages. I don’t even know what I’ll get for those prices.

5-" About This Gig

I will do all of your writing work please let me work I am 7 years experienced I will not let you to be worry i am sure I will make you happy"
7 years experienced in what?

I can do your work soo quickly plz bid me.i will try my best to make you happy.i hope you understand.i also have *a great experience on it I can finish it.
Again a great experience in what? Also this doesn’t sound serious at all, full of mistakes and sounds like you are asking for charity more than selling your skills. As a buyer I would not hire you because I’d be scare to end up with work poorly written and full of syntax and grammar errors.


These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will remove image background in all sector
In the gig description:
“.i will” could be “. I will”
“I am a expert graphic designer” could be “I am an expert graphic designer”

Gig: I will write everything you want
In the gig description:
It says “Here is my telegram id”. Off-site contact isn’t normally allowed. You could get a warning for off-site contact.

In the profile:
“soo quickly” could be “so quickly”
“.i will” could be “. I will”

There are 2 gigs called “I will write everything you want”. Gig duplicates aren’t allowed.
Also in 1 gig you mention “essay writing” - Fiverr might think that’s academic work (and academic work isn’t allowed).