I have opened the dispute


hello i couldn’t able to complete the order i have opened the dispute , but buyer still didn’t approved my request deliver time is going to end is that any possible to negative feedback for me?


If you’ve failed to deliver in time, then yes, a negative review is possible.


Always ask customer support if you have problems with an order where the buyer is difficult.


I would offer to do a mutual cancellation. You won’t get the money, and they won’t get the work, but you also shouldn’t get a review (this may have changed, but I think its still the same)

If you didn’t deliver anything and still want them to confirm the delivery (AKA pay you) then you definitly have some negative feedback coming your way.

What i do when I cannot meet a delivery, I will contact the buyer and talk to them about it, I usually present 2 options. Option 1 is a rushed job, and delivered, option 2 is delivering what I have now and promising to deliver later.

If you do option 2 and don’t follow through, you’ll have to deal with CS and some major issues.

Bottom line, communicate with the buyer, and work it out with them


Have CS cancel the order for you if you feel you do not have time.


I am hoping it is not that easy to avoid a negative. In the last week I have had several sellers who either ignored the deadline with no communication at all or acted like I shouldn’t think the deadline was a big deal. I allowed one of them (the latter) out so I could get my money back but honestly other buyers should know if a seller is consistently not meeting deadlines. It is wrong that in order to leave a bad review I have to agree to cancel and pay for the right to warn others. This seems to happen with several sellers with lots of reviews. This hurts newer sellers the most though as I won’t take a chance on a newer seller now. I would recommend for all sellers to have a realistic idea of the time they can complete jobs and put themselves on vacation to fulfill the jobs they have.

These may seem like no big deal to some, these deadlines but sometimes as buyers we choose you because of the time frame you tell us it can be done in.