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I have order but not display on my Fiverr Dashboard

i have order but not display on my Fiverr Dashboard please anyone know hwo to solve … only with one order faceing this issue … other order is display regulaerr…

This happened to me too just now with an order. From my understanding, this happens from time to time.

Client ask me how to accept even they dint have option to mark order as completed …

do you have any best suggestion … Becouse Fiverr support give answer after 24 Hours

Did you get answer from Fiverr ??? you also have same issue can you share what they said

Your situation and mine seem different. You should contact them on your own.

I’m having dashboard issues too. I have an order that I’ve delivered twice and it’s still showing in my “active orders” with the clock counting down. It’s also flipped from “delivered” to “in progress” for the buyer (luckily they’re a regular so I could ask).

Sooooo looks like I’ll have a “late” delivery on my hands, thanks Fiverr! I do video all deliveries since the “empty delivery” bug so hopefully I’m covered.

This happens to me often, You can try switching browser, flush your browser’s cache, if nothing helps the last resolution would be contact Fiverr’s customer support and ask them to refresh your dashboard. At times that is what they did for me.

Thanks i jsut try to ask Client make one more order with less amount and client agree with me when they place one new order the both order will appear on My dashboard then i deliver but they have only option for accept delivery for second order … still for first order they cannot accept option… hope fully after 3 days will be mark automatically

Yes! If you have already delivered the order and the client cannot see it in their dashboard then its best for the order to auto complete after three days.