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I have order in my LOGO GIG for the first time in a year

You read it.

I can not believe it myself.

After this order is finished I will never be able to use the “I offer logo design on Fiverr and I never sold one ever through regular GIG service” as I normally do.

So let’s recap. I started selling in April 2020, one of my GIG was logo design, and I never ever got a direct order from and to that service. My impressions and clics on that GIG are:

So average 1 click per seven days (clear to say my GIG is not ranking, and it is humanly impossible for it to rank)

It is so strange to see “1 order in queue” on that GIG. And client asked for the premium package, fill in the brief, I have all I need to complete the task.

I am just amazed by this.

Let’s make some quality logo!

EDIT: Thanks @lloydsolutions I was debating by hovering with the mouse over two forum categories reading the description of each and where to put this one. Now I can add a link :smiley:


Something is better then nothing… :smiley: Congratulation… :slight_smile: You will get more orders… :slight_smile:


Congratulations, Marina! It is well deserved! I am very happy for you :partying_face:


That’s great. It might be they take reviews into account and maybe the starting at price was too high for some buyers when there was no previous review. You’ll probably get more after the review.

My branding guidelines with logo start with 390$ basic package and I have 4 reviews there, but the trick was none of those 4 orders came from a client asking me for that service or finding me because of that service. It was all something else and then the famous question “Marina, do you do logos?”

I highly doubt I will get more sales soon on that gigs. I would consider a pure miracle to have 1 sale per month on each of those.
Now the statistic is 1 per year :smiley:

But it is nothing less than a miracle to win over 180000 offers.

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As we like to say in Russian - even the stick shoots once a year :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:. Congrats and have fun!

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