I have ordered a gig and it's been 10 days and the seller is not getting back to me



I need your help since i think i am being scammed!

I have ordered a gig from Ryank2013 and it’s been 10 days and nothing .

I have tried to contact him but he is not getting back to me at all.

How can i contact Fiverr regarding this issue ?


Hi, then simply cancel your order. after that u will get your money to your fiverr account. so u can select another seller using that money…


Yes cancel and get your money back!


Were do i cancel it ?

Since i can’t find it on my profile



Just cancel the order. Go to the order page and you will find a Resolution Centre button. Click it and tell why you want to cancel.

And press cancel.

Thats it.

If he doesn’t get back to you, the order will be canceled within 2 days.