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I have over $3000 marked as "Revenue for Order Completion"

I have over $3000 marked as “Revenue for Order Completion” and a lot of them are orders completed April and May…

I just started on fiverr. Am I missing something here? what do I need to do to get those funds cleared?

You need to wait at least 14 days to get it cleared and you can withdraw it then. You can check it on your “revenue” section. Hope this helps!

umm funds clear 14 days after orders are completed. on your revenues page, there should be a paypal button link. CLICK IT!

a lot of them were completed way back in April and May.

the oldest order marked “Revenue for Order Completion” was from one of my first day orders on April 19. that was more than 2 months ago.

The money hasn’t cleared yet? You should be able to see how much money is “cleared” (meaning that the order is completed, and the fourteen to fifteen day waiting period has elapsed) next to your name and on your revenues page, where you will also find your options for withdrawing that money.

If your money that is supposed to be available (in general, any money on orders that were completed more than seventeen days ago should now be available for withdrawal) isn’t available, you need to contact customer support ASAP.

I just sent customer support a ticket. Thank you.

I did all the calculations again:

on my revenues page, I have 2564.8 earned ( 740 pending + 1819.8 available). i have never withdraw any money since started working here.

When I export everything to CSV and add up everything, the sum is 4996.6.

i have $2431.8 - not pending, not available, just sitting there.