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I have passed the english test, but my gig is unable to publish!

Recently, I took the English test before publishing my gig. I got 6.8 and the final result. The heading showed that I have passes the test. But when I closed the window it showed me to retake the test after 92 days!

What should I suppose to do now?


I think you mistakenly click in your screen. so sad.

What should I do now? have to create a completely new account?

Two possible things:

  1. You may have mistakenly closed the window rather than accepting the results first.
  2. While the passing grade is usually 6, some gigs require up to 8/10 and they tell you at the start. I already think the English one needs 7/10.

Making new accounts without asking CS can hand you a permanent ban.
Firstly see if the passing grade was lower than 7, if so you’ll need to wait 3 months.

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Facing the same issue but I have earned 7.5 grade and still not being able to publish gig. I can’t understand how to resolve this.

this problem is not coming in january 2020 but now these dayas Having the same issue i passes the test with 7.9% marks and i send the message on test page to go back to fiverr than page lodes and he asks me to wait for 92 days please tell me what i do?