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I have problem with money

Yesterday i have pending clerance 36$ , today i have 0$ i dont know what happened🙄

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me too, seems like theres a bug. I already contacted support

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same here, i think this is bug my friend.

Notify fiverr customer support service

Same here… There should be a bug somewhere

will be back my money or not ?

It should be a bug as everyone is facing it.

yes my friend don’t worry about it. it is bug.

Yes i’m having the same problem, i have lost my $500 :frowning:

you haven’t lost it I guess fiverr would fix this problem soon

now its ok i concacted fiver my money back

you sure will get your money back everyone is facing this same issue

Problem resolved. Try refreshing the page. Contact CS if problem still persists.

Hey I got my funds back in my pending clearance!!! :heart_eyes:

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