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I have problem with my gig - please help me


A few weeks ago I added my gig, I had about 2 click one is mine. After some time the gig did not appear in the search engine. Today I wrote to the support and my gig was removed. Reason - I’ve supposedly promoted my gig out of fiverr. I have never done it so why was it removed? Maybe the competition can take my link on social media and blame it on me.

That wouldn’t be a reason for having your gig removed - we’re encouraged to promote our gigs off-Fiverr.

What were you offering in your gig please?


This is a legal niche there are many orders on your website.

I received such information from you.

" Promoting services outside Fiverr

Your Gig has been flagged by our team for promoting a service, website, or product outside of Fiverr. The Fiverr marketplace is aimed at connecting buyers and sellers using our platform. We kindly ask that you edit your Gig so that it can be offered and delivered exclusively on Fiverr."

Thank you!

It wasn’t that you were promoting your gig on IG or elsewhere, it was that your gig was actually promoting other people on IG, which is against IG and Fiverr’s ToS as third-party websites offer their own, paid promotion services.

Fiverr are going through the process of removing similar gigs as and when they find them I think.


What exaclly third party don’t like in my GIG ? I don’t understand you. Can you write to me more clearly ?

This GIGS also violate the rules third party ?

What is the difference between my GIG and their GIG? I can not trade and they can trade.

No - you’ll need to ask Fiverr CS for more information I’m afraid.

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How can I contact with Fiverr CS ?

Here you go: :slightly_smiling_face:

it’s like being pulled over by the cops for speeding. Your argument that all the others are speeding as well, will have no influence on your case. It’s your a$$ on the line.
The others are not yet pulled over and terminated. But they will at last.


When Fiverr removes your GIG, you probably want to know the reason, because similar ads have been for a year and no one has had a problem. A few days ago I added my own and the problems are already beginning.

And is it fair that one person removes the advertisement and the rest is not according to you? Because the example with the police is a bit inadequate. Fiverr probably sees all users who break the rules but why one is removed from GIG and the other is not? This is very interesting to me.
This is very interesting to me.

There have been dozens of posts (maybe more) by people who have had social media related gigs that were denied. It is far from being just you.

Mario’s example was sound. There will always be people who get by with speeding. They get caught eventually, but more come along. The solution to never getting in trouble is change your own behavior, not to worry about other people.

If I see that someone is trading for over a year at Fiverr and is I also trying to post a similar advertisement, and after a few days is removed. I do not understand these rules, because this behavior looks as if some people were above the law. Their what is in force me is not valid for another sellers.

Yes, it is for all sellers. Fiverr decides which ones violate the rules and when to act on things. I know you don’t like it, but that doesn’t change it.

So, are not rules for everyone? Because some peoples can break them and others do not? I understand it well?

I and others have answered you over and over again. Just like speeding laws, rules are for everyone. Cops may ignore one guy who is going a little over the speed limit but the laws/rules don’t change. Ask Support if you have more questions.

Only I write about the fact that you as a company see all orders and you can determine which is compatible and which is not. In turn, the police can not see all drivers, so some people break the law.

But we’re not Fiverr, we’re just buyers and sellers like you - that’s why you need to speak to Customer Support. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for you discos, learn something new.

Gigs that are edited or are newly created get through a control process. This is usually when they get caught. This is also what makes my comparison very adequate. -> Cop uses laser gun, you’re to fast, you get pulled over, your a$$ is theirs.

I had a gig removed, they told me why and I shrugged and get further with my life. Didn’t wasted time with pointing out that others had similar gigs. What’s the point? They vanished with the time. And even if they didn’t, what gain would I have because of it?


Like like a million times like! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: