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I have problems

Hey all,
I wish you are all good and hope that fiverr is going well with you :grin::grin:seriously i am so sad and so nervous about some problems here in fiverr i dont even know how to solve that when i get an order for example for 5 dollars i complet the order and the end i got just 4 dollar the same for 20 dollars i just got 10 etc for any order…why they take this. Am i the only one please help me guys.
Love you :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Well, it looks like you didn’t read the contract that you signed and agreed to and even confirmed that you read and understood terms and conditions of this platform.

Fiverr takes 20% commission. Simple as that.


So i am not the only one who has that problem??
I didn’t know but they tak to much from orders is that normal too??

How could people start working on websites and not even be aware what they agree to? This is indeed a problem. Imagine the Fiverr policy said they would take 100% of what you earn. Would be an issue you wouldn’t even know about.


Fiverr takes 20% commission for all orders.


There is no problem. As Fiverr’s Terms of Service clearly states, Fiverr keeps 20% of all revenue you earn through this site. That is how Fiverr is designed to work, therefore, there is no problem.

You agreed to share your revenue with Fiverr when you signed up for your account. This is all clearly noted in the Terms of Service, that you agreed to. Fiverr gets 20%, you keep the remaining 80%. This is how Fiverr works. It is your responsibility to be aware of this.


Don’ be sad, you’ll get use to it ! we all pay 20% !
Once you’ll reach to certain level, you will not even notice that percentages !

you must have gotten $16 here, check back !

This is how fiverr runs ! they got their own expenses and they are charging it for the service they provide !


Please read the terms of service - you agreed to them when you opened your account, whether you read them or not.

Here’s the link:


For example:
50 i got 40 20 i got 16
40$ i got 32
10$ i got 8

Thats what i got


yes %20 fee of everything you earn

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Yes !
simply it 20% of the order value !

Thank you so much dear friend

Thank you so much for your help.