I have Question about Two things :)


Hello Guys,

I want to ask you about :

  • Pending Clearance!!
  • ORDERS CREATED ( in Buyer Request )


When you deliver an order and it’s approved by your buyer, you have to wait 14 days for the money to be placed in your Fiverr account: that money is pending clearance.


Reply to @mark74:

Thank you so much, this mean there’s no problem with buyer in this case (cancellation) :smiley:

also what about Orders Created???


Reply to @muradbougraine: how do you reach that page?


Reply to @mark74: It’s in Buyer Request page


Reply to @muradbougraine: I think (I repeat, I think) it means how many gigs you sent offers for have been converted into an order (with some seller, not necessary you)


The order created in the Recent Buyer Requests Page mean the number of orders you have got from the offers you sent (You can send 10 Offers/Day), i have sent 464 offers and get only 21 orders :D… I hope that this comment helps !!




Reply to @ahessane87: I don’t think it’s that: I have sent a few offers and I didn’t have any sell from them; anyway I have 2 orders created…


Thank you Guys :smiley: :wink: