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I have received a letter about the survey Fiverr to buy ads


Hello friends

I have received a letter about the survey Fiverr to buy ads

I am wondering what is this fake email ( SCAM)



Many sellers received that email about a survey… and I suppose it’s real !


Reply to @mark74: hey . you also receive an email like this


I just received that too, I think it’s real.


All of us receive this survey and I like this idea.


Fiverr has used surveymonkey several times before but usually the surveys have been linked to their newsletters.

Real or not i seriously hope fiverr won’t go down the paid advertising road. Atm what’s nice about fiverr is that it’s not about who’s got the biggest budget (like most other rival platforms i worked on).


Horrible, horrible idea.


Reply to @mrproofreading: very horrible idea !!!


Very good idea! I would definitely pay to get more exposure.


Selling advertising to its own clients is NOT what Fiverr is about.


i also received an email same as this just today. sorry about being noob but im having a panic mode because i entered the survey and in the finish it will take ur email and name. Can others hax ur acct with those information? and is this email really from fiverr? via


Reply to @websterlusotan: Yes, this is a legitimate survey. There’s no need to panic.


Reply to @huynhkhoe: yes, I received it :frowning:


they had similiar surveys in past. Its okay :slight_smile:


Reply to @ricksper: Totally agree. It would only enable the people who are already making huge amounts of money to make even more money, while making it more difficult for people just getting started or don’t have the funds to devote to advertising to get started or hold on to their sales. Basically, what @mgjohn78 said.

Fiverr’s a relatively even playing field right now. If you work hard and deliver what you promise, you have the ability to do well. Depending on where they are going to let people pay to advertise, this could make things very difficult for the sellers who are not willing to pay or don’t have the budget to pay.


Fiverr takes 8 out of every 10 dollars I make, then they want me to pay to be seen? Sorry fiverr… I can’t justify the 20% premium at that point. My cost to acquire a customer would just be silly at that point.

tsweezey said: Fiverr takes 8 out of every 10 dollars I make

Why are they charging you 80%?


very bad idea, fiverr will not have sellers anymore then. Everyone will be buyers…


If they subsidise the 20% commission to include a fee for advertising, I would consider it. So for example if I say I’d let them take 10% for advertising, they take 10% for commission.


You do understand that your sales won’t have any effect on this most likely? It’s very likely that sponsored gigs aren’t showing first in search results, so your high rated gig is still more convincing.

Otherwise there would be junk gigs only in the first 100 results in every category.