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I have received a warning after I have been insulted. Protect yourselves!

I have experimented my first “There’s an issue with your Fiverr account” e-mail with: “This is your first reminder. Another violation of Fiverr’s TOS will result in a demotion of your current level.”
They talk about rude and unprofessional interaction.

Yesterday, mods had to remove some messages that were not very nice on this forum.
I have been personally publicly insulted on the forum and another member received very inappropriate answers… (no need to tell more or to name anyone).
I immediately thought that there could be a link between the warning and this discussion

It seems that my profile has been reported to CS (thank you the anonymous member!) and that Fiverr didn’t investigate what has been said and by whom.
Fortunately, I made a screenshot of the discussion before it was removed (Good idea… I feel like a genius :grinning:). I have sent it to CS after the warning and received a new message:
"Please note, the warning has been removed from your account.
We apologize for any inconvenience that might have caused you."

Some of you have seen the discussion I am refering to. Mods have removed all the “inapropriate” words. So, please, please, please… don’t discuss about what have been said and have been removed yesterday.

My objectif is not to bring out the bad words but to warn people and to tell them to immediately report bad behaviours and to use the magic screenshots!
I am convinced that those who insult us, have already insulted other people.
So, don’t hesitate to report them to CS or you may be banned or receive a warning whereas you are not the one who is disrespectful. If you don’t report them to CS they may report you first.

(It’s not the first time I have been insulted on Fiverr - Last time, a buyer told me that I am a b*tch - We must not accept to be treated like that!)

A thank you to CS who finally took the time to investigate.


I was loath to read further than the title but I’m glad to hear they investigated thoroughly and removed the warning as a result, that’s reassuring.
Screenshots are definitely a good idea, although I’m starting to feel like it might be even a better idea to avoid this potential trouble at all.

Even people who don’t actively take part in discussions and aren’t really involved, can and sometimes do flag or report.
I got a pm once from someone who felt insulted because they thought I flagged their post which had been a bit of a quip at me, but I had not flagged it, I actually had found it funny and it had been a weird but interesting observation that someone else seemed to have taken insult in my name and flagged it. It had been not so nice an experience, though, to get PMed about it because it got me insulted because they thought I would have flagged something like that. :wink:

Well, stay civil, everyone, and only report or flag things that really are worth the exertion of the mouse click. Especially think twice before you do something that could mean a warning or worse for someone, if not already for other reasons, then at least because it could backfire.


So. Our greatest fears are confirmed. Anyone can flag anyone and get away with it.

You state that Fiverr did not initially investigate the matter. They gave you a warning and you could only assume that your warning was to do with a discussion on the forum. You go on to say that after providing screenshots of this discussion, CS has removed the warning from your account.

Now, what about EVERY other seller on Fiverr who can be flagged by ANYONE in the world who just doesn’t like them?

I’m really lost for words. Who is running this show really? Someone determined to run Fiverr into the ground?

Well done Fiverr CS for listening to the other side of a story. However, it is simply not practical for every seller to visually record every single Interaction on the forum or in messages, as evidence against possible malicious flagging.

I find this really appalling. This place more resembles a psychological experiment to see how much stress people can take, than it does a freelance platform.


Things like this make me wonder if there are any better alternatives.

Sorry this happened to you. Glad it was resolved in the end - definitely going to keep the screenshot thing in mind now.

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I am glad too.
I even didn’t ask them to reconsider their decision because I always read on the forum that CS members never change their mind.
I only asked them to tell me which of my sentences were rude in order to understand my fault and to learn from this experience. (My english is not perfect and I make some mistakes. I thought that I could have used a word or made a mistake that could have been badly interpreted).

This is also an important lesson: CS are not 100% unfair. They can remove a warning even if you don’t ask them to remove it.

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Yes, but what if you had not taken a screenshot of the conversation in question? What if 3 people or one person with multiple accounts had decided to report you? With a little organization, it seems that anyone can takedown any other seller at will.

I’m sorry, but I think you should be horrified that you were assumed guilty and punished, prior to even being given the opportunity to defend yourself. That this can happen at all is just plain wrong.

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How did you go bankrupt?
Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.

Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises, 1926


I’m pretty sure the forum mods or admins could provide the log if needed. It’s sad though that it might have been needed here in the first place.


I totally agree with you.
I know that I am really very lucky because I knew immediately that this warning was related to the forum. I didn’t have any problems with orders. So, no other option… it was the forum!
If the warning was due to an order, I would not have been able to say anything except ask CS some details. But I would not have received any details and would not have been able to explain my side of the story.


But what if there was no heated discussion on the forum? What if someone just doesn’t like you and lies about you? Also, the forum team is unpaid. Why should they have to be tasked with keeping records of removed discussions to help sellers who have a suspicion something said on the forum has resulted in a warning? - And what if they simply don’t have the time because they are working on their own gigs?

I’m literally flabbergasted.

I know that myself and @Woofy31 have been reported by buyers who we both politely declined to work with. This is less than a month after the report button rollout. That we are already seeing wider trigger happy reporting going on and being followed through with by means of official warnings is insane.

Really. I’m flawed.


Well, I certainly hope they won’t dole out warnings when someone says “You know what, I don’t like miiila.” I suppose in Carine’s case, the person who reported her produced something, maybe a quote from the forum discussion taken out of context.

And I’m pretty sure the records are being kept either way and there is forum staff who is paid and I also assume that in such ‘official cases’ like main account warnings, it’s them who’d get involved.

I may be wrong, however. Anyway, to say it in the immortal words of a writer, “Jeez, back to my articles.”

Many of my answers are flagged and I got warning,day before yesterday I was banned for 24 hours. Though I am pretty sure that stood tall with my opinions at some threads but never ever abused or misbehaved with anyone.

I also have seen many co-sellers directly accusing other sellers for their issues instead of understanding the proper issue.


How do you know that? Have you received a warning?
I have declined an order today :drooling_face:

Fiverr is going to give us the opportunity to block orders. There is no reason to punish or warn you!

In both our cases, we simply received notifications that we can no longer communicate with buyers due to them blocking us. These were not people with active orders. To date, I have never received an account warning.

I decline to work with people every day. I will hit the roof if I end up being flagged by people trying to sell me Bitcoin or get me to pay $10 to signup at their own awful freelance site. - Or just people who don’t know how to say what they want.

So basically it’s a “dog eat dog” situation. Folks can get “report happy”:zipper_mouth_face::expressionless:, “petty”… ultra-sensitive, vindictive, just plain nasty, and report - then someone is put in a position of needing to defend themselves unduly. SMH… yet another confirmed stress.


Please note: For the exact reason that happened to you, Forum Mods actually take the time to remove comments and place them in a hidden thread which we can then go back to and provide to staff etc in the event of something like this happening.

For things like OTT arguments etc, we will almost always have these hidden away somewhere that we can access if necessary. So if you are in a situation like this, please PM two mods (within the same PM) to ensure it is seen quickly and we will see what we can do to help.
Please note that this should only be done in the case of something serious (like the OP).


I’m glad it worked out well for you in the end @carineb. You are one of my favorites here.

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