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I have received and order and don't know how to do that?

I have received and order and don’t know how to do that? Is there any chance to cancel order without getting bad review.
Please help me
I am waiting


If the order is cancelled you won’t normally get any review at all since it’s not normally possible. Only auto-reviews for deliveries that were a few days late can get reviews if the user accepts to cancel in the “very late” message they get. And other than that, maybe orders cancelled through support after they’ve been reviewed or charge-backs after a review.

If it’s something you don’t know how to do is it something you could research or post a question about it on this or another forum (eg. you could post the question on a forum dedicated to that subject).

Maybe see if there is an alternative way of doing what is asked or you could let the buyer know you can’t do that and see what they want to do, but it’s probably worth researching how to do it if it’s related to your gig.

Also you could make any “contact me before ordering” message more visible if necessary.


You have no choice except to cancel and if you do it soon you won’t get a bad review. Don’t wait, just cancel.

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**I’m new here so take this with a grain of salt. if they won’t let you cancel it, you could always try to Outsource the project to someone that would do it for a reasonable price that way you would not get a bad mark on your account.**strong text

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Please tell me If i’ll cancel the order, then I’ll be given by automatic review of one star or not ?

No you wouldn’t. (20 char)


Means my rating of gig and profile is will not go down and the buyer will only be refund. Any disadvantage for me ?
Please help

it will, your order completion ratio will obviously go down if you’ll cancel the order. but you can’t get a review for an order thats cancelled.


Thanks for your help. My buyer has requested a revision and i don’t wanna do that revision because its $50 work and he’s giving my only $5. So, I am going to cancel , so according to you i just need to allow the buyer to cancel the order. Any thing else?

Just cancel the order. If your buyer will not accept and he force you to do that, just contact the CS. They will cancel that for you.

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it’s not according to me, I never gave an advice to cancel the order. It’s your decision to cancel the order, I just explained the implications of cancelling an order which also might result in you not being able to apply for buyer requests if you don’t have enough orders to keep your ratio over 90%.

in your situation (according to me) I would’ve explain to buyer that his revision request doesn’t fall into the original requirments and will be covered only in 50$ package and I will send him a custom offer for that amount. an d I would’ve also explain to him what kind of changes are covered in the package that he ordered.


Your gig says 4 revisions. You should take that out if it’s not true.

What are you waiting for? Why haven’t you canceled it? Are you waiting for it to be late?