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I have received suspicious messages from some days

Hi Fiverr Community,
I hope you all are doing well!
I have received some suspicious messages and it says like, “I want to share with you an urgent offer. I am a widow and suffering from the Coronavirus pandemic. I have inherited some funds from my late husband. if you would be able to use it for the work of humanity…”
I don’t respond but I want to know that is it harmful to my account anyway?
Should I take any step against this?
Please give me suggestions about this and thanks in advance.


If you report it as spam within 24 hours of receiving the message, it will not hurt your response rate.

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I don’t know how but it’s already showing in the spam messages.

Then Fiverr must have automatically detected it as spam. If I were you, I would still respond to it, and then mark it as spam yourself afterward. I had a message that was detected by Fiverr as spam decrease my response rate. I got Fiverr to rectify this by contacting Customer Support, but I would still respond just to be sure.

Simply, You can report that user and block him. :grinning: :grinning: I don’t think spam messages will hurt your profile. Because it already marks as a spam message. :smiley: :smiley: If your profile response rate down. Contact CS and give information about your problem. :grinning:

Thanks for the suggestion sir.

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Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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click on out of office option

I don’t know if it actually is but this comment sounded naughty to me :smile: :smile:

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Report that message to Fiverr Customer Support

haha no but seriously when you dont want to use fiverr then click on out of office button

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Why would you recommend enabling the “Out of Office” mode? It makes no sense.

when you dont want to use for one week and one month , dont want to open fiverr
then this option for this situation

Yes, but that is not what this thread is about at all. Please read the original post again.


Report the buyer! I wouldn’t let that go, or they may be doing it to other. It is not allowed.

I have checked the messages again and fiverr automatically mark the messages as spam.
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.