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I have recieved 300 impressions

Hello I am new to selling on fiverr and I have gotten about 300 impressions in less than a week and 2 reach outs but they only ever want me to do half the work for free, I don’t feel comfortable doing that should I just flat out refuse, i did one of the 2 because I am a new seller then the guy just didn’t respond back(i assume I got scammed) please help.


Have you read this thread yet?

I had not, thank you for that I have been trying to just read, and use my knowledge from selling my skills elsewhere but the people on this platform are definitely of higher caliber that is why I want to work on here, Thank you again for your help.

One other question if the portfolio items I have made but do not have them uploaded because they were made for someone not on this service, am I still allowed to post it I did all the work myself. plus my web content I have created is live. will there be any issues with that? It is my portfolio but do not want to get in trouble for potentially advertising other sites.

Welcome to fiverr. Impressions of your gig are good.

Depends on your contract with those other clients. Do you have, or can you get, their permission?

Fiverr ToS:

1 of them is I do content for each month so I am pretty sure he would be fine with me using it but will reach out to make sure and wanted confirmation from the community before I started the process of contact. Thank you again @imagination7413 you ARE super helpful :slight_smile: