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I have rejected 5/10 of my last buyers. Am I doing something wrong?

Hey salaam and peace everyone. So I’ve had to turn away the last 5/10 of my buyers because they were coming up to me with requests that I thought I just could not fill. I didn’t want to receive a negative rating and so I wanted to play it safe. I suppose you can say they came up to me with requests that fell a little bit on the wayside of the kind of research/work that I do, so it would take longer (like at least 1-2 hours longer) to do what should be a simple $5 gig. Now, I’m only a level 1 seller around here, so I’m also thinking… I should bite the bullet right now, work hard, and stop complaining on the Fiverr forums. It seems lots of these people just made their Fiverr profiles because they saw that people were selling decent-quality, $5 gigs on this site, so they may have thought it wouldn’t hurt to make a profile and try it out. Perhaps it’s a combined issue of them not reading my descriptions and me not being more specific in my gig descriptions? Thoughts and experiences would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


First of all, I think that you have got the right attitude about not fulfilling every request that you get. That is just common sense. There is nothing wrong about that.

Secondly, your gig descriptions are a bit general.

Maybe, you should include what you do not take on.

Being on Fiverr is a bit of a learning process. I had to cancel a few orders in the past too. I learnt from that. I guess you could derive some sort of description from the reasons that you did not take on some of the requests that you got.

First, just like Belgianwriter, I want to commend you for your attitude. Here are my thoughts and experience.

When I first started out with Fiverr I had lots of energy and I wanted to progress quickly so I pretty much did any gig that was reasonable even if it did not quite fit the gig description.

Eventually I made it to level 2 which for many of us, that may be as high as you can go or you may be at this level for years.

Burn out on Fiverr is real. The energy you may of had at level 1, will eventually dissipate because after years of dealing with buyers trying to get more than what the gig description calls for, along with a slew of other buyer demands that has nothing to do with your gig, your energy level will reach some low points.

It just happen to me yesterday and I had to take the day off from Fiverr to recharge my battery.

So what I’m saying, while you are at level 1, take as many gigs as your energy level can handle. Because unreasonable demands won’t stop - if anything, unreasonable demands will increase as you progress up the Fiverr ladder. Save your cancellation for absolute beyond the pale demands because there will be times when a gig(s) are so unreasonable that you have no choice but to cancel.

One last thing. Don’t hesitate contacting the buyer to discuss your gig if you feel what they are asking is unreasonable. I get a lot of new buyers who are new to fiverr and they find it confusing. A recent example of that is I had a new buyer who ordered my $5 gig but he wanted more than the $5 gig called for. I contacted him and explained. He gladly increased the gig to $30 and we proceeded. After the gig was over, he gave me a $75 tip. Yep, his tip was larger than what he paid for the gig. So I’m glad I did not cancel the gig and instead we worked it out and in the long run it was best for me.

I wish you luck

You are doing everything right! When you offer something for a fiverr.

That doesn’t mean your now selling your soul!!

If one buyer ask for way more then your offering then let them know that.

Dont be afraid to ask fiver to cancel it for you for that is why they are here.

They will do this for you over and over again,With out hurting your rating.

ITs when you dont ask them that will hurt your rating.So always ask them for help.

Trust me I have asked them tons of time over the 3 years I have been on here as a Top rated seller,And yes I’m still at 100% positive rating.Thanks to fiverr.

i had this problem before, but for me it was because the buyer did not read the gigs, for example if i offered " one cute panda dancing in the rain with a mustache" gig, they will ask " hi can you make a banana peeling itself and then poop on a toilet?" totally unrelated so i had to say no. :slight_smile:

so for me the issue its the buyer not reading.

If its related i will consider how much extra effort will it take, if its something easy like " make the panda wear a hat" i will do it no cost added but if its " paint the panda pink and make him say banana" i will create an extra for that kind of work and tell them if they want that kind of customization they need to get the " say banana extra".