I have reported two serious technical glitches and both times were told to use Chrome

  1. Words I and others type are cut off in the middle at the end of lines. I see this anywhere on the new site that people have typed messages. The old site didn’t have this problem. I was told to clear my cache and use Chrome.

  2. When someone sends me a message, I receive an email with a link in it, which takes me to the Fiverr homepage, where I must sign in (in spite of always checking “remember me”), go to “inbox” where the message does not appear, then finally check Sales, where their message appears. Shouldn’t the link in the email take me directly to their message, as it did on the old site

    Again, for this, I was told to clear my cache and use Chrome.

    I don’t have these problems on the numerous other sites I use, including the old Fiverr site.

    I use IE 9 and it works just fine, no problems on all other sites.

    I feel the new fiverr should work with IE 9.


lol I put a shortcut to this page on my desktop and when I clicked on it

was taken to a page that flashed on and off endlessly, which was not this page.


ok since no one reads this but me this is for my own notes in the future.

I pressed F12, then had my browser debug the script on the sign in page, then pressed “break”, and it seemed to fix the problem of the flashing refreshing sign in page.



I use IE for delivering to buyers and FireFox for updates and changes. Each has its own quirks with Fiverr.