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I have response time 3 hours, how to increase it?

Hi guys, I want to increase my response time I am always online but time not increased. What is a response time and how it affects our selling process?


You can shorten it, by responding to queries faster.


First off, you are nuts to be “always online?”

When do you sleep?

Do you have a life?


Stop staying online.

As for your question, do you honestly think Buyers are more concerned about response time than they are about your skills?

It’s time to take another look at why you are on Fiverr.

Good luck.


lol try to respond without delay or laziness

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If you want to increase it then take 4 hrs to reply to a message.

If you want to decrease it reply within the first hour of receiving a message from a new buyer.

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Firstly I don’t think the response time is too important unless it is a response time of several days. My profile used to have a response time of 24 hours, and I haven’t noticed any difference in the number of orders as that has changed. Buyers are often more interested in the content on the gig page. Normally they only message me when they have a query about something further and are happy to wait a short while for a response.

The easiest way I found is to have the fiverr app on your phone and notifications turned on. Then you can send a quick response thanking them for their interest and replying to their query.

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It depends on the gig and whether for that gig you normally want the buyer to contact you. A high response time can be bad in that case, especially if it’s an urgent (for the buyer) gig. For gigs that take many days to do a high response time probably won’t matter as much.

Though if it goes over 24 hours your rating % will lower, risking demotion and possibly affecting ranking.
There are a few sellers with a lot of reviews and avg 17 hour response times though.

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Hello everyone. I wanted to express a little complain and I saw the topic of this post. I think maybe this is the place to do it. I hope someone at Fiverr reads this :slight_smile:
I see that the question is “how to increase a 3 hour response time”. My question is “why should I?”
I find this place very useful to find clients and customers but a bit “slave” in terms of having to react to questions immediately.
I’m currently under a small order and the client messaged me YESTERDAY NIGHT.
Today, SATURDAY, I get up late and I see a warning saying: “The client hasn’t heard from you since 9 hours ago” in red color. Like if I had offended someone xDDD.

Isn’t this too much? It was nighttime!!! And today it’s Saturday… Can’t I have a bloody life?
I think these counters they have here on Fiverr shouldn’t count on nights (which I thought they did, but today I saw that’s not the case) neither on weekends (at least if you don’t want to).

We have other jobs to attend outside Fiverr and we have personal lives and families.
Am I going to lose a job because I didn’t respond in 5 min??? That’s ok. I’m fine with that.
But I think Fiverr is, with this counters, giving the idea that we, artists, need to be 24/7 ready, non-stop, and at their service, like some kind of man-servant. This is something I definitely not going to do. I think it doesn’t give a good image of freelancing to clients and customers. There must be some respect.
I became freelance to be free. If I wanted otherwise I would be in some office.

I try to respond as fast as I can, but sometimes I get an inquiry in the middle of the grocery store while I’m shopping, or at the doctor, whatever… and it gets worse if you’re in Europe and most of the clients come from US (which is fine), but I have to respond at 10 or 11 pm… Otherwise, my punctuation gets down… I think these counters should get modified a little bit to take into account these circumstances.

If a client is interested in someone’s art, he/she will be no matter what response time there is (unless, of course, some days have passed, which I would totally understand).

That’s it. That’s my thinking. I got a bit pissed off today when I saw the notification in red.
I just thought: “WTF?”

Have a nice day, everyone! And sorry for the rant.

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