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I Have Returned to Fiverr After Three Years

Hello friends. It’s been about three years since I last delivered an order in Fiverr. In the meantime, I complete my studies. I have started my own business and run it successfully. In the beginning, I did not take designing seriously, but surprisingly it has become my career. Today I have hundreds of direct customers all over the world.

But my journey started at Fiverr. Actually, I have not tried any other freelance platforms. The first customer I earned, I received the first payment in Fiverr. It gave me self-confidence. Gave me more excitement. Also, Fiverr gave me the confidence that I can make money and positively started my journey.

I worked in Fiverr part-time with my studies. At one point, I face The situation of being actively involved in education; I could not focus on the work. Unable to deliver on time. This situation led to negative reviews. So I was temporarily out of Fiverr. By then, times had changed, and three years had passed.

Today I accidentally got to look at the Fiverr folder on the old hard drive. It has stirred up my old memories. So I Login Fiverr again.

It took me a few minutes to understand. Everything has changed. A few old customers had texted. I apologize to them first. The number of users has more than tripled since before.

I guess today sellers will face more challenges.

"I could not make an order; I did not get a customer. What do I need to do to get the first order? Bla Bla Bla " Many such questions. You will be surrounded by chaos, and you will be in a state of high stress.

I want to tell you something. If you’re going to make money on the internet, then Fiverr is the best Platform out of the hundreds of sites spread. Those who have been skillful and tactful with patience and honesty have tasted recognition and success. I have a lot of success stories with real-life examples. I am the first live example for you.

When I was joined Fiverr, I was a student and worked as a part-time designer. Now I have a healthy account with 40+ positive reviews and have earned a reasonable amount of money. More than This Fiverr has given me the best customers ever. If I had traveled here, I would have had the chance to become a top-rated seller. All of you have the same opportunity. Do not be discouraged.

Today I feel like a newcomer here too. Share what you know, and I will share my experiences. We will travel together.

See you again soon



It Very Instructing to hearing your story best of luck we welcome you on Fiverr!!! :star_struck:

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