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I have send message to client which is in review?

Hope all of you fine and doing well in their personal and professional life as well. Today i received message from client and she need service like " convert word document to pdf fillable file using ASP.NET C#".
I was not getting and i search on internet and send link that you want like this,but unfortunately link contains “upwork link” and my message is in review :frowning:
Now i am so worried,is this risky for me account,literally i don’t know anything about it, i was just trying to understand client requirements :frowning:

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However you against fiverr TOS. They will review it and warn you.Talk with them. And read fiverr TOS

Thanks for response, :slight_smile: i will be very careful next time

Um, you do realize that Upwork is Fiverr’s competitor, right? Why would you think it’ll be OK to redirect users to Upwork?

No, I have not redirect, i am just trying to understand her requirements and i just randomly searching on google for this requirement and found this link, literally.

also now i have received this “After reviewing your message we’ve decided to approve it. It was received by …” now its mean its fine for me??

Yes, if they say it was approved, it’s ok. But never mention upwork on Fiverr again, even if it’s just as an example

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Read TOS. And make sure not to violate any of the TOS. This will reflect badly on your account and will prevent you from progressing any further with your journey on Fiverr. Don’t direct buyers to questionable URLs including competition.

You could have just took a screenshot of saved yourself the headache

Thank you so much all of you and for your time, :slight_smile:

send upwork link in fiverr really big mistake, fiverr is very strict in this case.
i hope everything is Ok after review.