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I have sent 130 buyer request but haven't got a order yet

I have already sent more than 130 buyer request but haven’t got any response/order yet. What wrong with me. please someone help me with some tips.I have always written a long cover letter for buyer request with details of the work. this is my Gig link

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I am not an expert on translation business. So i cant know much. But i know this;
Doing jobs for 5 dollars with unlimited revisions?
I cant trust that.

Be a little more confident. Why do you even offer unlimited revisions for translation? Since you provide such services, you should be able to hand out a fairly good translated texts. Trust yourself a little. Have a stonger stance. Nobody is gonna trust you if you dont trust yourself.

Now what im gonna say, im not sure because i am not in the translation business.
But i will tell whats on my mind;
Do NOT offer services for 5 dollars. 5 dollars might mean too much for you or me. But put that aside and ask for more money. Nobody is gonna think you are too expensive if you ask for 10 dollars instead of 5. Just get rid of the 5 because it has some image problem. It makes you look like a desperate beggar instead of a hardworking professional.

Other than that, when using buyers request, do not copy paste with couple words tweaked. Everybody can see from 100km if a message is a copy paste or not, even if the message is expertly calculated. And remember to stand strong and confident while using buyers request too. Do not offer anything for free or without limits.

I would rather pay 50 dollars to a guy who looks like what he is doing rather than getting a free service from someone just tryng to get some jobs.

I hope it helps


These videos will be very useful for you :point_down:

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keep sending buyer request and send them professionally you will get response


Thanks for your compliment.

Thank you for providing the link

thanks o lot for your compliment

but how we can send theme a professional proposal?
please let me know about it if you know…

sure i can help you
visit this link and you will get some helpful and solid tips for sure

This could be a potential reason why you aren’t getting any response or order from BR. It’s more effective to be precise and straightforward.

Don’t make it lengthy. Keep it short and on point.

Hope this helps

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As mentioned above, this is probably the main reason you are not getting replies back or orders. No one wants to read a novel about you, your work or how long you have been doing this. They want you to get to the point and address what they are asking for in the buyer’s request.

As an aside to this, you claim to be able to translate 4 totally different languages - and I mean different! What I am getting at, is: are you truly proficient in those languages (grammar, syntax etc) OR are you using some translating software to do these Gigs? If you are relying on software whether free or purchased, you are setting yourself up to get an angry buyer - and possibly cancellations. Anyone can take text in another language and plug it into an online translator and get an idea of what is being written. But, it takes a person who is actually fluent and able to know the different grammar rules for different languages to be able to actually translate them in a way most would want it done. Someone who speaks those languages and orders from you will be able to spot someone “faking it” right away. That can lead to bad things happening with your account.

I also agree with the other guy about $5 and unlimited revisions if you offer those - someone who is actually able to speak and write those languages fluently should be charging at least $25 for a simple document. Remember, some of these buyers may want you to rewrite something in those languages. Can you do that? If not, you may want to rethink this Gig.


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Thanks for your advice