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I have sent 350 offers to buyer request but did not get order

I need your help to improve my offer description so that i make orders on fiver. i am using fiverr since last one year. I have improved some but I dont’ understand that what should i write in offer description. please guide me. Thank you


can be the reason, you are selling too cheap ! :wink:
For usd 5 you are selling all including unlimited revisions.
A buyer always has a standard budget.
also you can add few attractive working samples.


thank you I will work on it.

If you post a typical response, we can critique it.

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@farheenkhan845 and @prince3670 If you want help you need to create your own new topic.

TNX For your kind information

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Change your offer description when you are sending offer to buyer requests.
Send impressive offers

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I have been on fiverr for a couple of years and I have only got two orders from the BRs. I mostly ignore it and focus on getting organic orders. So, just focus on improving your gigs and you should start getting orders.

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Check this out:

Wowzer, You will have to add more samples and make sure the gig is unique. Give a buyer a reason to purchase from you. Make sure communication is fast.

how can i improve my gigs so that I will get organic orders?

don’t lose hope, if you want to order from buyer req then you need to write a proper proposal for buyer :grinning:

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Before sending any Buyer request You must follow the requirements.Never write a format buyer request . You must be highlights some skills or problem solving issues that buyer wants.

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Please never frustrated. Just keep up. and check your wrong. Please change your request description and added some new thing. You must show them what you can provide best. You must guarantee your work. You must keep your quality. You must take minimum budget start with 10/20$/

Thanks a lot