I have sent zip file to client on fiverr, how can he download it before completing the order


I have sent zip file to client on fiverr, how can he download it before completing the order. When he got everything in zip file he can just cancel the order.


Did you sent the zip file in the delivery? Make sure you’ve uploaded in to source file not from the option that shows on the left side when you deliver the order.

If you’ve uploaded the file in the source section and chosen delivery option to send the file then he/she can’t be able to download until he/she will mark the order as completed.

Although, if he/she request for modification then he/she can download it from the conversation (comments on order), this needs to be corrected from Fiverr’s side.


Yes I have send in the source file. And then I have delivered it again as I have sent the wrong JPEG file for portfolio.


When you delivered it again, the previous delivery and source file have opened for the buyer to download.


Protecting it with password can solve the problem?


Fiver should fix this problem on its own.


No, you can’t protect it with a password when you’re delivering a file. If buyer reports against the order that the seller is providing password protected files in delivery which he (your buyer) can’t be able to open, it will a huge trouble for you.

Fiverr should fix this and you should report this to the support them so that they can be aware about this situation.


Mean we are at stake by both situations :frowning:


Buyers are king on Fiverr. :crazy_face:


So not fair :frowning:


That’s basically how it works. You deliver product, they review it then either complete order or mark as complete. Some don’t even bother to mark it and it auto completes. Yes some bad buyers can cancel order after delivery. Sadly that is how it works. Most buyers are good.


It’s a flaw in Fiverr’s system that if buyer request a revision, the previous delivery is opened form him to download. No matter if its a source file or what.