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I have shared internet connection and my colleague and me working on fiverr own latops

i have shared internet connection i’m working on fiverr in my own laptop and my colleague also working on fiverr it’s own laptop so please guide it is against or not fiverr TOS and can i do this.

It’s not against terms of service because you’re two different people. However, by sharing the same internet connection, you’re also sharing the same IP address, which is how Fiverr (and many other websites) determine whether you’re an individual user. I’d contact customer service to make them aware that this is the case, with your account and your colleague’s account and some proof that you’re two different people, just to make them aware and see if they have any advice. Without doing this, you are both at risk of having your accounts terminated for breaching the ToS, even though you haven’t, simply because you share IP addresses.


can we continue to share internet connection or not please help.

Please ask customer support this question. It is the only way to get the correct answer that you know is correct in this matter.

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If you and your colleague have gigs under the same categories, then you will get into trouble.

I’d suggest contacting CS and your ISP to inquire about getting a new static IP for your colleague. (And asking CS if that’s allowed as well)


I know we are all suspicious of this. Let’s not pretend otherwise. :slight_smile:

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In that case everything will be different other than IP address. Name, email address, MAC address, payment method/PayPal account name all will be different. Then, I guess CS will not make any trouble.

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thanks to all of you for your suggestions

"In certain circumstances, it is acceptable to have more than one account at your location, for example, an account for each family member. However, the accounts must abide by our Terms of Service.

The most important rules to take note of in this situation are:

The accounts may not sell similar services
The accounts may not purchase from one another
The accounts may not share a withdrawal provider (Paypal/Payoneer)"

Please note that I got this response over a year ago.


thanks for giving me helpful information…

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I am not included in this “all.” It depends on where the seller lives. Working in shared spaces or using legit shared networking in not uncommon in some countries. That doesn’t make me suspicious by itself, it depends on location and other red/green flags.

The more important issue is that Fiverr has good reasons to block multiple users on one IP unless personal arrangements are made for permission. I agree with everyone who said the OP has to contact Support to discuss this.

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Fiverr’s main objective of this term is to limit the fake reviews. But they can’t resist sellers doing it. Sellers are exchanging reviews very easily.

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