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I have skill but i cannot do proper English, i need to all sport

when i chat my buyers. i cannot understand everything


So why don´t you joint a course to improve your english language? Your chances to understand would definitely increase.

Understanding the Buyer is the key point to understand their need.


I don’t want to sound harsh - but sellers (and buyers) have to accept that Fiverr is an English language platform. Without being able to communicate effectively in English, you are likely to misunderstand buyer instructions, which in turn will inevitably result in incorrect deliveries, frustration on the part of the buyer (and seller) and low feedback.

My comment is nothing personal against you. I speak a tiny bit of Spanish and French, but my skills in these languages are so basic that I wouldn’t ever try and do business in these languages as I know it would be disastrous. The same should be true of people who speak a little English - they can’t expect to run an English language business.


First I would like to congratulate you with the fact that you were able to find your first order within 3 days after registration. This’s already an achievement!. :fireworks: Just for comparison: I published my gig few days ago and it didn’t any attention since then. :neutral_face:
Second if you realize that your level of English isn’t sufficient enough try to improve it. There’re free resources that offer free grammar lessons and tests.
Good luck!


Hi olivia3d, have you tried to do something to improve your English language skills? I suggest you to focus on whatever vocabulary you may need to interact with your buyers if you don’t know it already, and of course a better understanding of English grammar always helps. It will take some time, but sooner or later you’ll manage.

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In the long run, learning English is the best way to improve communication, but have you tried to use the google translator to translate the messages from English into your native language? Maybe that helps you at least understand what the buyer needs.


@linda_young - you might want to also include an English translation of your translation - just so that everyone can understand your (very valid) point! :wink:

Edit - For anyone interested;


Thanks for posting the screenshot. It seems my message was flagged by a lot of users. I was only trying to make a point to olivia3d (whose country location is Bangladesh) in her local language (which is Bengali) so that she can reply to the buyers using “Google Translate” like I did to reply to her in Bengali.

The language of the forum is English. If you wish to post in another language you just need to provide a translation.


I understand. I should have added the English translation as well.