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I have sold a gig 2 times but no review from the buyer


Hello Friends,
I have sold my gigs for 2 times. But, After deliver my order no buyer response to me. So, they don’t give me any review. Please, someone help me, how can I get review from the buyer?



Buyers are not required to leave reviews.


Some buyers won’t give you a review no matter what you do. However, I’ve noticed that you’re more likely to get a review when you talk to them. It’s easier when you’re doing bigger projects so it might not help you if you provide low-cost services with short delivery times. At the beginning my review rate was above 90% because clients really appreciated that I explained my work process, what I delivered and answered their questions. Now my review rate has dropped because lot of my clients are repeat customers and they don’t bother to leave a review every time. Which is fine a suppose because they do tip me :slight_smile:

Here’s what you can try with your next clients

  • Once the order is placed, confirm it and explain what will happen next.
  • Once you deliver it, give a short summary of what you did and maybe even how you did it. If you can provide some additional tips then include those as well.
  • If they don’t close the order within 48h then reach out to them. Let them know that the order will be automatically closed and if they have any questions about the work then you’re there to help them.

I’m not suggesting you should start spamming your clients, so you have to think yourself what makes sense in your case. I think as long as you delivery high-quality work and you keep your client updated, you have a good chance of getting a review.


Buyers dont need to leave a review, if you were asking them if they wanted to leave a review stop that since you need to just let them do what they want they don’t want to feel forced.

Kind regards,


Do you feel the job went well and the customer is happy? If your answer is yes then I would ask the buyer if they would leave a review.

DON’T ask for a 5 star review, just ask your buyer if they would consider leaving an honest review and leave it at that.

I think it’s totally reasonable to ask for feedback and a review as long as it’s an honest one.


Thanks for your helpful guideline.


Golden advice hidden here. Excellent, @uxreview!