I have sold my first gig today and got a 5 star rating with best compliments


I have sold this gig today buyer is so happy and satisfied.

Please see the review


Name of the gig is

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see gig to see additional offer




this has nothing to do with tips for buyers you should move this thread


Reply to @matt_garry: I don’t think he cares… He’s been posting links all day spamming the forum. A few others as well…


brilliant gig tarunsood


The person who bought your gig was clearly someone you know… Lol @ that review


Reply to @wildgirl:

Thanks wild girl


Reply to @apicturesworth:

Dear I cant stop people from making perceptions

lol@ you

You can buy the gig and I am sure you will have same review


Very …Good


Good luck mate, hope you will continue the good work :slight_smile:

always come to the forum for support when i started in 5 months back this forum supported me to understand how fiverr works, also CS is also good here!!!