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I have Some best Fb groups for business promoting Can i post here?


Hi, i find some awesome groups of facebook for gigs and other products sharing. if you thinking that we can find easily facebook groups so you’r right but these groups are not normal groups like spamming groups etc in these groups you can post your products or gigs and then depend on your source link and work for the orders or products selling :slight_smile:

if you interest so i will provide free


I am a member in some of those facebook gig groups, but they’re just full of people posting their gigs, nobody’s actually clicking them.


yeah i know.but some groups having ability for clicking and also orders chances.



Anyone can please drop those working group links here


This should be in a different category.


stay from from spam groups and also from spam activites :slight_smile:


ok i will wouldn’t posting here don’t worry :slight_smile: