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I have some concerns

Hello!I am new here and i have some thoughts about fivver

It has been 1 week since creating my account.I have got 1 order( a review one),but it seems so difficult to get this thing going.You have to compete with sellers that have many many sales and positive reviews.I know that if i was a buyer i would choose them over me!

So,is this thing going to roll eventually or am i just wasting my time?

I know its a bit negative first post but i really like the platform and the possibillities that it has and i want to stay!Feel free to advise me!

Do not focus on the potential customers just the ones you already have. The rest will follow!

Success on Fiverr is going to be an uphill battle. It was for every one of the successful sellers that you see with many orders and reviews. The new sellers that stick with it are usually the ones that become the successful sellers. But you also need to offer services that people are looking for (that you have the skills to complete), you need to treat your gigs like a business, and it helps to spend time promoting your gigs elsewhere on your own. Don’t rely upon just Fiverr to make you successful – the already successful sellers found ways to build their own success with hard work, marketing and promotion, and stellar gigs offering services people need.

Hang in there. But don’t expect quick success. That rarely happens here on Fiverr.

Thanks for your reply.I am here to stay.My negative thoughts are just exaggerated concerns seeking settlement haha.

The marketing and promoting is difficult for me.i don;t have a pre existing platform to rely,so i start from scratch!

Hi, and welcome to our big family!

Level 2 seller here. Yes, January is not the best time of the year for booming business…I guess that after Christmas people are a little tapped out and are trying to catch up with their expenses since they’ve spent a lot during the holidays. Spring and fall have been great for me (Also my favorite seasons, too)

I was lousy in math when I was in high school and college, so I could see myself easily taking you up on your offer for that gig about math problems =) Reading, writing, and spelling were my strongest subjects and as you can see I write a lot in my gigs.

Oh, and that part in your profile about “musicology” Is there some way you can tell others that you have a bachelor’s/master’s, etc. degree in music? I have a cousin with a bachelor’s degree in music, made me think of it, I never studies music formally so I don’t know what the program of study is called: Musical education? Musical theory? Sorry, just fishing around here.

Thank you for your reply.I want to be optimistic here and stick with this.Maybe when the weather get sunnier more offers will come

About musicology.I have 3 seperate deegres that are recognized as bachelors.Its a bit weird cause its different system in my country.As of classical guitar i have a master.But i can’t actually use any of them on Fiverr.I just put them in as credentials for not being a ‘bot’ haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I was not the only one here when I started. I had lots of competition. It can take a while but eventually you will start to do very well as long as you deliver great work on time.

Thank you for the encouraging words!I will of course stick with it,until it pays off!

I have started with o review and now I have 160+
You have to try… Don’t think about other. Fiverr is really good platform to start for new seller.

Thanks for your reply!
Of course i will stick with it!

You will get there, once you get many good reviews, people will come to you no matter what! Blessings!

Yep, you sound nice! As for me, I studied art formally in college, the major was called “Fine Arts” so that meant that I earned a degree in Fine Arts.
Unfortunately, the bane of my college existence seemed to be having to take Algebra (Why is this required for an art major? I used to wonder) It’s like I was giving it my all in art classes (and I had a dynamite professor) but that and “math modeling” I rest my case…

Ever looked into the Buyer Requests as well?

Well yeah math and music don;t seem to connect,but they really do haha:P

Yes,my first review order was from the buyer’s request section.

Thank you for your reply!!
I hope so.I will at least try my best!

Don’t lose your heart. Very soon you will get more orders and sure.
When I joined Fiverr, I checked site rarely. 3 months after Fiverr CS sent me an email says you are not logged in for along time. I logged in on Fiverr once after this mail and just 2nd day I had got my first order. I was too happy and completed work before time. The buyer liked my work and I earned 1 positive review and $4 as well.
After this first order, orders kept on coming. After one month of my first order, I wake up in the morning and see I have 4 new orders.
Now I have completed 42 orders within 2 consecutive months but unfortunately missed to become Level 2 for 8 orders. I am continuing my work, The day will come sure I will become Level 2.