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I have some gigs but i don't get order

Fiverr can promote gigs anyway

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Thanks for the Share, @nikavoice :heart_decoration:
Hope this helps, @sozib813384 :slight_smile:

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send everyday 10 buyer request with your portfolio link and response the buyer faster. i think you will get your first job faster.


Thank you very much.

Keep trying and do not be upset and be patient. Best of luck (y)

Welcome to Fiverr. Take on board the suggestions offered and check out the Fiverr Academy for lots of useful information. Most of all be patient. Some sellers take months to get their first order. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Sure, no problem… I share the good stuff!
:crossed_fingers: Let us hope they utilize the information given. :wink:

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How to send buyer request ?

Read the job instruction and see the attached if you do this then you can send message to buyer!( [This is my profile you can see I’m level 2 seller ]