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I have some issues with buyer

Hi, hope you all are well,
I am working on Fiverr since 2017, and I got a client in 2018 on Fiverr and did 2, 3 projects successfully. Even I did some FREE work for him. recently with 2 projects, he is irritating me like some extra work without cost, sometimes not giving login detail to do work and saying you have it, and I said the login I have is not working anymore so send me again, and he is quarreling with me, very rude behavior. Also, he threatened me once that if you don’t work like that, or not work with me, I will show your WhatsApp chat to Fiverr. Please note that I did not send him any other contact, He maybe got it from my portfolio work. Even I swear I did payment only on Fiverr, it’s on the record on Fiverr and I can show if needed. I NEVER BREAK RULE OF FIVERR FOR SHARING CONTACT. and also I replied few messages, that now he threatening me to close my account.

I just wanting to know, how to handle this situation? When I asked him how you get my contact, he saying from the portfolio website. I said it’s against Fiverr policy, and we agree to make payment only on Fiverr. and we have proof.

Now the main issue is, I developed his website one year ago, and he completed it and mark the order as completed. but now, he said this thing is not working, change this text, changes this, etc. but as it passed one-year plus, he wanted to do these extra things FREE OF COST. If I ask him to pay, he may go to Fiverr and cancel the order, but it is completed already as per the requirement he sent that time. I have proof.

Kindly suggest to me what to do in this situation? Thanks. I am worried about this situation,


As my experience, should not do any free work or example file.


I know, but what to do if he mixup it with the work to do now, or he may say to Fiverr as he did not completed the work, but the work on Fiverr is completed a year ago. Can Fiverr cancel such orders on the saying of buyer just like, “He did not complete the work”.

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No, If there are no issue buyer can not do,

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You should talk with live support for this issue

You do realize you are replying 2 months later. I am sure this guy has sorted out whatever issue he had with the buyer.

Also, Fiverr does not have “live” support. You can only email them and create a ticket to discuss problems you are having.