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I have some queries Paypal for Indian folks?

So last time I had a paypal account i only needed to give PAN number and Bank details, now I need a paypal account this time PayPal wants Address proof, a photo of me and GST number, that’s too much details, anyway what category will I have to register my work for GST ?? can anyone help??


Hi There,

You need to register as a normal taxpayer. The other option is to register as a composition taxpayer, but that’s for small businesses dealing in physical goods and not for services provider.

The reason why PayPal has started asking for GSTIN is due to the requirement from Indian law.

If you are providing services to clients outside India, you are not required to pay any GST and eligible to file your returns “without payment of GST” by applying for LUT.

I’m a qualified Chartered Accountant and assisting freelancers in their GST compliances, If you have any further doubt, feel free to reach out to me. Thanks!