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I have some questing about fiverr payonner revenue card


Hello my name samil islam i want to know some information about fiverr payonner revenue card.
My fiverr account disabled 1 years ago.but now i want to use my payonner card again my new fiverr account.if possible to use my payonner card again in my fiverr account . just want to know


I think its possible… you can add your existing payoneer account to your new fiver account.


Are you perma-banned? If so, no, you can’t link your old Payoneer account to a new Fiverr account.


Iris (Fiverr Customer Support)

Apr 2, 7:17 AM EDT

Hi Samil,

Thanks for your message. Please note that, in order to use the same Payoneer card, you would need to detach it from your first, disabled account.

Please contact Payoneer Customer Service about this. Payoneer is the primary service provider of the Fiverr Revenue Card and they are in charge of connecting new/existing Payoneer accounts to Fiver.

If that is not possible for some reason, you would need to open new Payoneer card

Hope I helped.



i connect fiverr about this issue he give solve this massage


Yes. Possible . But at first remove your old fiverr account to payonner. You contact payoneer support . Then tell him. You need to remove your funding source.