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I have some selling issues help me please

i get mad wandering about the reason why i can’t sell my GIGs
help me please

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It takes time, send offers to buyer request, be online, share your gigs on social media.
You will get orders. Be consistent, Wish you all the best.


You’re very new. Some sellers wait for months before they get their first order. I launched my gigs in April and have had some orders. I’ve evaluated and changed out my gigs several times. I also daily spend time in Buyer Requests and have gotten most of my gigs there. In fact, I have one in progress now that I won Saturday. He removed his Buyer Request and I thought he had chosen someone else, then he contacted me on Saturday.

I’ve put in 80+ Buyer Requests and am very faithful with that, for now. I won’t always depend on them, but it is a way for me to improve my skills at pitching my services.

The main thing is to just be very busy evaluating your gigs every day, the banners, the titles, the keywords. The first thing that I do each day is to go to my gig page and just stare at it. Then I visit Buyer Requests at least 3-4 times each day and evening. And I keep a list of response templates to make it easy and quick for me to answer any that I am interested in. I copy new responses I make and paste them into my Word document list. That way I can copy and paste the proper response into a buyer request, and then edit it as needed.

Your gig banners are simple and not complicated, which is good, but there is a spelling error in your internet search banner.

If you are busy constantly tweaking what you are doing, you won’t have too much time to be frustrated about no orders, and they will come.

Good luck!


I like your answer. You are awesome! Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.

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Helpful post. I also do same like you. But not yet get any order but I am confidant on that I will get the order very soon…
Keep me in your prayer…


you will definitely,but needs your patience


I am ready for that. Pray for me to continue with patience…

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