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I have still had no sales


Hi, I have been a seller for about two weeks now and I have had many impressions but no buyers, how long does it roughly take to get your first order??

By the way I have four graphic design gigs up for offer atm!

Thank you and also what do you think of my gigs

My profile is


You’ve only been a member since last month, it can take up to 6 months or more to get an order, sometimes less depends on the gigs. It took me 6 months to get my first order, just never ever give in. I really recommend putting a video on every gig, with voice over explaining your services and showing more work you have done, not many people buy gigs with no video and just try to promote your gigs anywhere!


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Usually it takes 16 days, 5 hours and 13 minutes to get a gig.

Though from my understanding (and you didn’t hear this from me) there’s a gig plugger in Nashville by the name of Swifty Flanagan who can get you gigs for… ahem… “favors…”

edit: By favors I mean hugs. Swifty’s a hugger. It’s a thing.


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