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I have Still No Order


Respected Readers can any one tell me why i have no Order …Help me to improve


Hello: I saw right away that your profile description needs to be better written. You should share more information about your skills, what you have to offer and why a buyer should consider you. You should use full English language sentences with good grammar, spelling and punctuation. If you are still learning the language, you can always buy a writing/editing gig and have someone do it for you. Good luck to you! Sandi


Buy A writing/editing gig and have someone do it for you, is this legal according to Fiverr Rules ?


Yes. You can buy gigs here even though you are a seller. I mean buy some help for your writing. Hire an editor to help you. I don’t mean hire someone to do your gig work for you and you submit it to the customer as if you’ve done it. No, no. Hire someone to read over your profile description and help you to make it better. It doesn’t seem like you have good English skills. I know you may be working on that. Good luck with everything!


Also your username is “workinline”. If you are doing virtual assistant type work wouldn’t “workonline” be more relevant? Did you mean for it be to work inline or work online?


You need to show some initiative first. Here’s your gig description

Considering all the amazing sellers on this platform, if you were a buyer would you buy your own gig?


more sellers than buyers :smiley:


I don’t understand you I will review my Profile again…


Its Depends upon the Buyer what is in his mind if it click he can order… I will review it again for more improvement.


You must try another gig. Never give up


The reason why you don’t have orders is because you don’t know your clients and you’re not making much effort to improve your gigs.

You can take the adivce of senior sellers on this forum or you can stick to your belief that one sentence full of grammar mistakes will get you clients.


Tnx Dear for your contribution …