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I have stopped receiving orders for 3 months so


Hi im cookacalla! Call me cole for short.
I started fiverr about year ago. And when i made my first gig on my first on fiverr, i got a client on the next day and was so happy about it. Since then, i kept having a new clients and my gigs was running uhmm fine. Until on May this year, i have not received any orders since my last order that month. So i guess this will help me find a clients for my gig. feel free to look around my artworks as you please and hope you’ll like them.

My gig’s link -v-



Hello! I have the same problem now… Do you know why this is happening to us? :weary:


This may be of interest to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


Thank you I will look!)


I don’t know either man, im about to cry in the corner lol


Thanks! I’ll follow some of the given tips. :grinning: