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I have submit 86 requests but no order

How can i get orders anyone can help me…


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You can check the fiverr tips category . And also check this tips …Hope it will help you …

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In your profile description, you say that you’re a WordPress developer, but you don’t offer gigs related to that, you only offer logo design. You have no samples that would attract buyers, plus you claim that you have worked with high end clients, and yet you offer $5 logos delivered in 6 hours with unlimited revisions.

In short, there’s nothing in your descriptions that would convince anyone that you’re good at what you do.


@javedakera This wouldn’t be possible unless you never sleep.

You can do all this within 6 hours of when an order is placed:

Professional Logo

High Quality Professional Logo + Unlimited Revisions + 6 Hrs Delivery + Source File

  • Stationery Designs
  • Social Media Kit
  • High Resolution
  • Logo Transparency
  • Source File

and two logo versions? All within six hours for $5.

At least take out the “6 hours”. That is absolutely desperate, not possible, and unnecessary. I wouldn’t expect a professional to deliver anything usable within 6 hours.


Have all your responses been to requests that were related to your gigs? For example, did you respond to BR’s that were for things other than logo design? Like proofreading or writing? :thinking:


I can guess why, but, send a screenshot of some of your submissions in response to the requests.

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You don’t actually have any logo examples in your gig images, and no link to a portfolio that I can see.

Why not add some examples of your work, otherwise it’s pointless responding to buyer requests in the first place.


Promote your gigs to social networks (facebook, twitter…) as more as you


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Will that help with getting responses to buyer requests, which is what the OP asked about?


In addition to what @smiler3d said, have you been successful with your own promotion? It looks like you haven’t had any sales yet, so giving advice about how to get sales might not be a good idea.


hmm.but i submitted 767 buyer requests when i got my first order …i hope you catch my point…thanks


I have never done this and yet I have completed 400 orders in my 20 months on Fiverr. I believe getting your first order depends a great deal on your profile, the quality of your gigs and you gig images. I did not get an order until I had been on Fiverr for 45 days. However, I spent the majority of my time on Fiverr improving my gig descriptions, images, and profile picture.

I also sent Buyer Requests and I still send them when times are slow. I make sure my response to BR’s requests address what the seller wants to be done.

My friends who are buyers tell me that when they have looked for sellers through BR, the results are that there are sellers who respond to requests that have no skill in the area in which the buyer is looking for services. For example, a Voice Over seller responded to a BR for logo design.


Thank you so much to all friends who gives wonderful suggestions.
Can any one send me the perfect description for my gig.
And how I can put my portfolio…?

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There is not one single perfect description that you can copy and paste into a response to BR. You need to make your offer based on what the buyer is looking for. I am a proofreader. I tell them how many words I will proofread for a given amount and then I describe what the document will look like once I have finished. For example, there will be no spelling or grammar errors and so on.

Buyers have told me that they often get a response that says merely, “I can do it.” And they do not say what they will do. You need to tell the buyer what you will do for them to fulfil their needs.


You have to write your own gig descriptions.